Self Care Retreat 2019…


Hosted by Jestacia Jones
Self Care Author & Host of Tea Talk TV

About Jestacia Jones

Author / Entrepreneur since 1999
Founder of The J’Lore Foundation

The J’Lore Foundation serves the community by offering wholistic enrichment training, and development for women and youth through various ministry workshops and technology programs.
Jestacia has written a series of self-care journals, and a host of media programs. She was nominated for the 2017 Non Profit Trinity Awards. She developed The e3 Tech Youth Program -forming partnerships with Panera Bread, The Apple Store, Microsoft and the Aviation community just to name a few. With over a decade of experience in film, TV and entertainment- she enjoys the calm of her next chapter, pursuing a PHD in alternative medicine and developing alternative therapies. Licensed Aesthetician /Licensed Aesthetics Educator, BA Fashion Marketing, and Licensed & Ordained in Ministry.

Publications include…
*The Ministry of Mind, Body and Spirit

*Be Well, Be Whole, Be Wealthy – a biblical perspective on well- Being

*Soul Retreat

Jones, developed a line of Medicinal Teas, and aroma blends for healing- balance and restoration.

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Tea Talk TV


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