Behind it All…

Holistic Beauty & Mind / Body Expert..shares tips and techniques for a new season.

During the past 30 years, I’ve been blessed.

I’ve written several books, courses, produced TV shows and magazines around the topics of being a better YOU, inside and out!

I teach and speak on  topics that I’ve  spent over half of my life living, and believing in.

Survey the landscape of your life- what joys do you wake up to daily, what gives you peace at night?

What do you give -even when tired? Your answer is the key to your well-being. Spend your days seeking that joy and peace, that money can’t buy- and no man can satisfy. Your inner joy!

In the resources that I offer- you will find:




And the books I’ve written to help you along your journey.

To book a private consultation,  or to order my recent ebook course- email:

As always I appreciate your support.


Jestacia Jones


The face of TEA

Licensed Aesthetics Educator / Licensed Aesthetician

Naturopathy Doctor Candidate / Author- Founder of the J’Lore Foundation Inc.

Consider donating to our cause 🙂

Together we are making a difference!





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