Aging Well :)


 First, I want to thank you for choosing me as your lifestyle coach.

As a beauty & wellness expert for over 20 years I’ve learned to simplify my approach to wellness.

It all begins with a state of mind.

In this blog, you will learn about top product inventions and discoveries for overall well- being.

A personalize lifestyle plans is the best method to maintain good health and prevent a health crisis.

It’s never to late to become your own advocate and integrate your wellness plan.

Whether a group session – or one on one, let’s get started today.

The customized essential meditation Oil Blend each has it’s own purpose and medicinal properties. Based upon your inner need – your blend will help to bring your mind, body and spirit into balance.

 Alkaline water research has shown that disease cannot exist in an alkaline state. Drinking pure and clean water- is like a reboot to your cells, tissue and muscles. This is a simple solution- drink up today. 🙂

I’ve developed a line of wellness teas that I’m very proud of.

My line of wellness teas is balanced and divinely inspired.

By having your own spa like Tea-Bar at home will not only help you to look great but…feel inspired daily with a dose of organic blends to soothe your soul.

For a detailed consultation- call today!

I’ll be happy to take the time to assist you with a be well- age well plan that works for you.


Jestacia Jones



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