Be Well in 2015…with Jestacia Jones

There’s so much I can say about 2014…let me start by saying thank God, we made it to see another year!

I’m especially grateful for those who have influenced my life over the last 365 days until today.  🙂

This year I will spend time-sharing more Be Well Tips with our Community, and Corporate America. Being a better YOU- let’s get started.

Step 1- journal your intentions for that day.

example- I will walk 1mile, I will eat fruit and veggies for lunch. I’m thankful for my health. Spend time in meditation, this make us “better people”. Smile.

Step 2- Set small practical goals.

example- I will save $1 a day. I will plan a vacation-plan how? I will call home today. 🙂

Step 3- Measure your goals within 7 days, 21days, 3months? Ask yourself-Am I growing? Repeat as needed.

Helpful links:

More about Jestacia Jones



Our Wellness Teas on Groupon-



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